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“League tables are vile—they test the quantity of teaching, not the atmosphere. They’re sinister, as they make schools focus on results alone.”

— Anthony Seldon, master of Wellington College.

“[A]s more schools introduce the International Baccalaureate, parents should be aware that the A-level league tables are now a less accurate indicator of a school’s academic prowess. 

Headmasters and headmistresses point out that academic range is just one of a multitude of factors that encourage parents and children to choose a school. ‘I meet about 400 prospective families every year, and the decision always comes down to gut feeling rather than anything tangible,’ says Tim Haynes, headmaster of Tonbridge. 

So what is this gut feeling dependent on? ‘The breadth of education is important, but this is only part of the story. All schools have good sports centres and art blocks,’ says Mr Haynes. ‘Education should be an adventure—young people should be encouraged to get involved.’  ~ Excerpt from The Country Life top 50 schools

UK boarding schools

Top 10 Girls’ boarding schools

Top 10 boys’ boarding schools

Top 20 boys’ boarding schools

Top 30 IB schools



Top prep schools of UK listing from the Times archive

Top prep schools league tables (Times Online)

Which Boarding School – Free, independent, one-to-one advice on UK boarding schools at

Individual school ranking mention:

King William’s College in Castletown was named best IB boarding school in the British Isles 16 –

– was ranked and published by The Sunday Times’ annual survey of the UK’s best schools. More than half of the boarding school’s pupils were awarded the top two grades of six and seven, while the school as a whole had a 100% pass rate.

(Source: School Celebrates Leading Status: An Isle of Man school has been named the best International Baccalaureate (IB) school in the British Isles. Nov 2008 BBC news)


– was ranked by the Times as number 1 independent, co-ed, day and boarding school in the North of England for academic results. One of the UK’s leading private prep schools for girls and boys from 11 to 20 years

– Overall 99.6% pass rate at A level regularly higher than the National Average; 77% of all passes at A & B Grades

Chapter House Prep School (for girls and boys 3 to 11 years) shares the magnificent campus with Queen Ethelburga’s College and provide great facilities of the highest standard for the children at work and play. The QE schools aim instil children with confidence and consideration and equips kids with the academic background to succeed in the Key Stage Tests and, later, in senior school.

A special unique feature of the QE schools is the royal equestrian centre where kids can bring their own pony or horse to school. QE is the school where academic opportunities go hand in glove with supreme riding facilities and the highest quality of riding instruction for everyone, from the keen ‘hobby’ rider to those who seek top professional qualifications or top competitive riding skills.

Website: Registrations Department, International
Phone:     +44 01423 33 33       30 / Fax:01423 33 14 44
Headington School, Oxford – Independent girls’ boarding school One hour from London in Oxford, UK
For those of you intending to go to the UK for the short term and want your kids to study there Bell Bridge International School looks like a flexible quality place that takes in international students – it allows students flexibility of staying between one term and 2 years or more.
UK High School – For international students close to London. GCSEs & iGCSEs


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