HAL website: https://www.hal.ac.jp/english

HAL opened in 1984 in Osaka. It is currently Japan’s largest vocational school, having schools in front of each terminal station in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya. We provide a cutting-edge learning environment with diverse cooperation with world leading companies including Nintendo and Microsoft. There are about 6,000 students here learning about game, CG, animation, music, car design, robotics, web, and IT fields. Graduates will earn a high reputation from our practical teaching and job guidance, reflecting the human resource needs of each industry. We have also set up an environment to cultivate creators who are active worldwide by adopting a foreign exchange program at “CREAPOLE” in Paris


HAL Tokyo College of Technology & Design
Add: 1-7-3 Nishi-shinjyuku.Shinjyuku-ku.Tokyo. 160-0023 Japan
Phone: 03-3344-1010  Fax: 03-3344-3001


HAL Osaka College of Technology & Design
Add: 3-3-1 Umeda.Kita-Ku.Osaka.530-0001 Japan
Phone: 06-6347-0001  Fax: 06-6345-3456


HAL Nagoya College of Technology & Design
Add: 4-27-1 Meieki.Nakamura-Ku.Nagoya.450-0002 Japan
Phone: 052-551-1001  Fax: 052-582-0077