Zoo Phonics Academy International Preschool (Meguro-ku, Tokyo)

Zoo Phonics Academy International Preschool website

Address: Toritsudai Mansion 2F, 1-32-16, Kakinokizaka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 152-0022
Phone: 03-5731-7850   Fax: 03-5731-7838

The school offers an International Preschool Program and curriculum for 2 to 6 year olds in an American-style classroom environment.

The program features its unique Zoo-phonics method, with the entire curriculum, English, Arts and Crafts, Music, Math, and Science, and Physical Education, being taught in English. 

Using the Zoo-phonics’ method and our original materials, the programs focus on developing children’s English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.  All first start practice sounding and body-signaling from “a” to “z” to master phonemic awareness quickly.  The use of body signals connecting to the 26 animals is a kinesthetic method which brings fun and excitement into the classroom together with rapid progress, and motivates children to learn.

Age/level-appropriate classes follow academic targets and monthly themes in a full year comprehensive curriculum. Many hands-on activities and games included in its academic curriculum.

The school operates in small classroom sizes with qualified and experienced teaching staff, seeking to offer personalized guidance and warm and attentive care in a nurturing environment. No Japanese is used in the classroom as English-only environment promotes usage and language development.

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