Fukui International School (Fukui City, Fukui)

Website: http://www.fukui-internationalschool.com/E-top.html 
3-514 Funabashi, Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture, Japan 910-0808
Phone: 0776-57-0039(in Japan) Fax:81-776-50-1820 (0776-50-1820) E-mail:info@fukuiinternationalschool.com

The first of its kind in Fukui prefecture to provide a full English immersion environment. Lessons are conducted in small classes with 10-15 kids for 3 – 5 years old. The curriculum for each program includes art & music, gym, language and natural science.

English afterschool programmes are also available. The curriculum is designed to accommodate each individual child’s physical, social learning and emotional level and needs while respecting their desire to know or to try.

In order to urge the students to have an interest in farming and the sources of our food, they are given the experience of growing rice and vegetables on the school’s own farm. The instruction is made by a professional farmer in Japanese language.

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