Pocket International School (Setagaya and Suginami wards, Tokyo)

Pocket International Preschool (Setagaya and Suginami wards, Tokyo)
Kamikitazawa School:
3-33-12 Kamikitazawa, Setagaya Tokyo 156-0057
Phone: 03-5317-4002 Email: info@englishpocket.com
Koenji School
4-7-3-2F Koenji Minami
Suginami Tokyo 166-0003
Phone: 03-3314-5595 Email: koenji@englishpocket.com
Ogikubo School:
1-18-16-3F Kamiogi, Suginami, Tokyo 167-0043
Phone: 03-3220-8223 Email: ogikubo@englishpocket.com
Pocket International Preschool (catering for 2 – 6 year olds) aims to provide an environment where all students are able to learn multiple tasks while having fun.
School lessons take place in a bright classroom setting through the use of textbooks and game activities that promote a fun learning atmosphere.
The school’s small class philosophy allows children the opportunity to learn while expanding and exploring their imagination.
The school aims to foster an environment of curiosity and value individual abilities and talents.
The school’s curriculum is delivered through high-quality study materials by experienced, professional teachers.
School lessons are based on specifically chosen themes that change every two weeks.  Lesson plans are organized using music, art, and storytelling that are related to the present theme.
Through this organization, children are encouraged to learn new vocabulary and grammar structures.
Show and tell presentations are used to increase the student’s confidence and ability to express themselves clearly in front of an audience.
School hours: 10 am – 2 pm
Special summer and weekend programs are planned. Different styles of studying methods are supported.extra study material and promote additional activities such as extra homework, alphabet Olympics, and storytelling.
Short-term domestic weekend home stay programs and longer term Canadian home stay programs are offered.

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