Brushes with the board of education

Q: What umbrella school did you enroll in? We are wondering if that is a good idea or not. Right now my husband thinks we will be doing this for just a year and then off to international school so we might need the records, yet my son told me today he would homeschool until college!!!

A: We enrolled with West River Academy because it was cheap ($US55) and because we thought it would appease the BOE (Board of Education, you were right). As it turns out we didn’t need to do even that. The transcripts consist of you writing a letter to the director telling her what you did in the past year. One of the benefits of part-time enrollment is your child is still enrolled in the Japanese school and moves up to the next grade with the class albeit with a lot of absent marks.

You probably don’t need to go to the BOE, but I think it is a good idea. They have all the laws and what not over there so when you have your meeting with the principal you can tell them you went to the BOE and this is what they said. You’ve done all your prep work and won’t have to schlep over to the school again if the principal, who may be unfamiliar with the concept of willingly taking your child out of school, hesitates.


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