Tamagawa Academy (Machida city, Tokyo)

Website: http://www.tamagawa.ed.jp/tamagawaib/default_e.html

Tamagawa Academy K-12 & University


Address: 6-1-1 Tamagawa Gakuen, Machida, Tokyo 194-8610 Japan

Phone: o42-739-8601 / 042-739-8588 E-mail

Tamagawa Academy provides an integrated K-12 educational and its goal of Tamagawa is to “impart an advanced education that will nurture a “Zenjinteki” (well-rounded) elite equipped to play a role in society.” The school believes its calling is to nurture well-rounded young people with open hearts harboring no prejudices. A holistic approach to shaping the human character, involving a balance among elements such as truth, goodness, beauty, holiness, soundness and wealth is necessary. Tamagawa will remain faithful to its traditions as it proceeds to implement an advanced educational program that meets the expectations of society.

Tamagawa aims to construct a new type of education and research environment for the twenty-first century. Its goal is for its community to guide learners through ideas, strategies and the intelligent innovations necessary for young people to solve life’s problems, live full lives and help all of humanity.

To meet the scholastic needs of our students in the twenty-first century and with the intention of having our students meet a world standard in education, Tamagawa Academy has embraced the International Baccalaureate Organization’s Middle Years Programme*1 . Tamagawa Academy K-12 & University has been an IB World School since March 2009. It was approved as a “candidate” school that offers the Middle Years Programme which complements and reinforces Tamagawa’s holistic educational philosophy: Zenjin education. The school is private. By offering the IB programme, it  now offers a dynamic, unique combination of subjects in Japanese and English preparing students to continue their post-secondary studies within Japan or abroad. Find out more about its IB programme here. Its college preparatory program sets a rigorous curriculum maintained by the most reputable private secondary schools worldwide. Tamagawa had from 2006 implemented reforms to introduce a K-12 integrated educational system that takes advantage of the fact that all of its divisions, from kindergarten to upper secondary, are located on the same campus. Because the traditional 6-3-3 system that has characterized Japanese education (consisting of six years of elementary school, three years of junior high school, and three years of senior high school) had earlier the school from fully exploiting this advantage. The school thus replaced the 6-3-3 system with a K-12 integrated educational program so that all of the school years starting with kindergarten, and ending in the twelfth grade (corresponding to the third year of senior high school), allowing for the implementation of a seamless educational program with solid continuities between grade levels.

Read about one student’s impressions of her first day at Tamagawa Academy.

2 thoughts on “Tamagawa Academy (Machida city, Tokyo)”

  1. I am applying for an ALT English Teaching vacancy in your Campus. I am Zenaida Kamata from Machida , it takes 25 minutes by train in going there. Is there any position for English Teaching there
    I am a BSA GRADUATE Diploma Certificate under the five years curriculum in Agriculture. I worked as an Agriculturist designated with an ample experience in the field of my studies.
    I could do the teaching also for kids and young or adult learners because I was trained in various Seminars and Workshop for the English Classes Lessons. Aside from these, I have worked from the Japanese Food Company for 18 years .
    And now on my transition process to shift in teachings. I would be glad if the School Campus could hire me to be a part of the Campus Tamagawa Family.
    I am flexible of course , if I am going to be hired, 100 percent I assure every student to embrace English Language and to talk freely with confidence.
    May they truly know that English is an International Language to give importance and be valued.
    Truly and respectfully yours.
    Zenaida Kamata

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