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Education and brain science links:

The NeuroResearch Education Network is a group of scientists, educational researchers and educators who are interested in issues at the interface of neuroscience and education. The network is based at the  Graduate School of Education and University of Bristol. The website is for distributing information and those resources that educators may find helpful.

For more resources, visit the links below:

Activate your Brain & IQ. Lab proven to amplify IQ, brain functions & intelligence. It’s easy

Are you getting on the “brain train” bandwagon?

Brain research, brain-training and brain-boosting article links

Brain scientists debunk myths and finally tell us what classroom curriculum of the future will feature – based on the “new” science of learning

Brain-training abacus makes a comeback ‘ (Yomiuri Shimbun, Jun 23, 2010) The soroban, or abacus in English, once a staple of childhood education along with reading and writing, is making a comeback on the heels of expert claims that the traditional calculating tool helps develop mental abilities. //More children are attending soroban schools and more people are taking abacus certification tests. Some primary schools have introduced soroban training.//Tanaka Shuzan Gakko, a privately run soroban school in Akita, is filled with the clicking of abacus beads each evening. Out of about 40 students, double the number from three years ago, 70 percent are primary school fourth-graders or younger. Some are still only going to kindergarten.

Brain Training Software. Increase your cognitive skills with proven working memory training

Brain Training? Think again, says study

Brain-Training Games Won’t Boost Your IQ WebMD Health News April 20, 201

Cognitive neuroscience uncovers the learning ability of children’s brains (retr. from

Data shows kids shouldn’t multitask (May 24, 2010, Washington Post)

Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training DS Game Improves Kids’ Math Skills

Dr Shichida’s “spy-kids” school

Easy Brain Training MP3s. Sky Rocket Your IQ – Let the Audio Do the Work While You Get Smarter

Exercise really does make you clever: Fit children have better memories Sept 17, 2010 The Daily Mail

First Evidence of Brain Rewiring in Children: Reading Remediation Positively Alters Brain Tissue Science Daily

Free Brain Games at “Luminosity”

Playing a musical instrument could make you brainier, it is claimed”…Daily Mail reports.

Jungle Memory braingame “clinically proven” to improve grades … researcher says improving working memory is the only “great equaliser” and  the best predictor of academic success

Latest brain research says boys need more volume and girls need softer speaking voices to learn better

Learning and memorization brain techniques

Neuroscience and “Train Your Brain” by Dr Kawashima

No right brain left behind: Must kids prep for ‘risk-taking’? 7-14-2009 – Patrick Bassett, left, chats with Andrew Odenyo during the Episcopal High School Leadership Institute, a five-day program in Alexandria, Va. Bassett says schools need to teach kids how to be creative, risk-taking and entrepreneurial

Professor Tago Akira? Who’s that? About the popular Nintendo brainteasers video-game

Rational thinking more important than IQ: IQ tests miss predicting rational thinking ability for the most part

The Great Brain Race: How Global Universities Are Reshaping the World by Ben Wildavsky.

Tips for boosting your kids’ brainpower and building brainier kids

Tony Buzan’s mind mapping method

Train Your Brain (Kanji). Japanese Kanji Flashcard Program. Learn Faster, Study Less, Remember

According to this article, there is a link between sustaining bad habits and the progressive decline of cognitive abilities.

Willingham: Left/right brain theory is bunk Sept 21, 2010 (see also his  Critical Thinking: Why Is It So Hard to Teach? (The American Teacher Fall 2007) By Daniel T. Willingham)

World’s best known learning and memorization brain techniques

Yotsuya-otsuka juku offers up new right brained “Little School+Algo Club” programme


Recommended reading in books:

Raising a Left-brain Child in a Right-brain World“, by Katherine Beals (Trumpeter Books, 2009)

Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Excercise and The Brain” by Dr. John Ratey The author shares the most up-to-date research on how exercise improves ADD and ADHD

The Japanese Brain” Dr. Tadanobu Tsunoda – Japan’s most notable brain authority on how the Japanese tend to first process information in the right side of their brains—the side that deals with feelings rather than facts; a factor that is readily discernible in their arts and crafts as well as in their traditional management practices.

WHY THE JAPANESE ARE A SUPERIOR PEOPLE! – The Advantages of Using Both Sides of Your Brain, by Boyé Lafayette De Mente. Phoenix Books/Publishers. ISBN: 0914778552. 128 Pages.  $12.95.  Distributor: Ingram Book Company. Book review here.

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