Green Hill International School (Koto-ku, Tokyo)

2F 1-11-19 Mouri, Koto-ku,
Tokyo 135-0001 Japan
Phone: 03-3635-2303 Email:
See this page for location & directions 
An independent preschool located in Koto-ku, Tokyo, with a curriculum that is designed to be an asset for various ages of children (2-5 years old) to grow up in the environment with diverse ages. All its programs are based on Dual Immersion. Every class is conducted in English with the exception of a scheduled period in Japanese for each day. Multiple-age group environment, with an emphasis on values of life, creativity, interpersonal skills and multi-cultural cognizance with English-Japanese dual immersion in Early Childhood Education.

Dual Immersion English-Japanese: A clear boundary – this is the primary factor for bilingual education. The Green Hill curriculum clearly determines the point of alternation of the 2 languages in terms of Time and Place. The bilingual lead teacher switches languages.  

Green Hill’s curriculum is based upon continuing research and fundamental studies at institutions of higher education in various countries. 

The school has been opened for locals with affordable programs. 

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