Reflex Math program

Reflex is a revolutionary, game-based system that helps students of all ability levels to develop instant recall of their basic math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division).

For more details on the Reflex approach, see the Reflex White Paper (PDF file).

Reflex produces rapid results in math fact fluency!

Recent adopters of Reflex have seenhuge gains in math fact fluency:

Graph: From 31% to 77% in 20 daysCase study in two school districts:
Median percentage of fluent facts in multiplication and division.

What educators are saying about ExploreLearning Reflex:

“Students are engaged and beg to go on.… I like that we are not isolating multiplication from division, but teaching them together.”

— Melissa Shaw, 3rd Grade Teacher

“We saw our students become more confident in using their facts. They were no longer having to take time to compute in their head and were able to use the facts quickly in solving multi-step problems.”

— Julie Carter, Math Coach

“I like the fact that all of my students want to do it — especially my struggling learners. But it is challenging enough (and fun) to keep the interest of my advanced learners too.”

— Stephanie Wyeth, 3rd Grade Teacher

Why is Reflex so effective?

ExploreLearning Reflex takes each student on an individualized journey from acquisition to automaticity using research-proven methods for fluency development.

Program highlights:

v Targeted instruction: Adaptive and individualized for each student.
v Continuous progress monitoring: Intuitive and powerful reporting about each student, class, teacher and school.
v Engaging and effective: Includes high-quality games that get kids excited while building their self-confidence.
v Easy to implement: Quick startup, 100% online, and supported by both a webinar and face-to-face training.

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