The CEE BEE Center in Hyogo pref.– A bilingual (English and Japanese) Education and Therapy Center for children and adults with development disorders and learning difficulties (LD)


THE CEE BEE CENTER has moved from Fukuoka to the Kansai area and is now based and located in Takarazuka (Hyogo Pref.) from July 2014. with a view to HELPING families with SPECIAL EDUCATION NEEDS CHILDREN in the KANSAI AREA..

THE CEE BEE CENTER (Communication, Exercise, Emotions, Behaviour and Effective Education), is a SPECIAL EDUCATION SUPPORT CENTER FOR CHILDREN WITH DEVELOPMENT DISORDERS AND LEARNING DIFFICULTIES WHO HAVE SPECIAL EDUCATION NEEDS.. We provide BILINGUAL services primarily in ENGLISH and also JAPANESE if and when necessary which include Consulting, Counselling, Assessments, IEP’s, and various kinds of Education and Therapy.

We also have started a Kansai Special Education Support Group which is a discussion forum that will meet and discuss relevant Special Education topics in order to help and address the problems that children and parents face on a regular and daily basis at home, school and elsewhere with their child, This group will meet up at least once a month starting from October 2014. Please check the link below for details of this SPED Meet Up group.

We also provide full day education (and therapy) classes and after school support classes for children with Special Education Needs at our Cee Bee Center School. Please check our Blogs and contact us directly for more details.
Cecil Burton
The CEE BEE Center
1-16 Mikasa-cho,Takarazuka-shi
Hyogo Prefecture 665-0863
Tel: 090-2859-7075
Blog (日本語)
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SPED Meet up group

The Cee Bee Center  website .(in English) / (in Japanese)


Takarazuka, JP
3 SPED Members

This is a meeting group for any adults, parents, teachers or individuals, who are not only interested in learning and knowing more in-depth details and want to gain more knowl…

Next Meetup
Special Education General Discussion ~ 1
Sunday, Oct 12, 2014, 10:00 AM
1 Attending

Check out this Meetup Group →

The Cee Bee also offers several programmes including a ‘Move to Learn’ programme; a ‘Movement and Education’ Therapy Programme as well as a Home Schooling programme, see below:


The CEE BEE Center offers private home schooling education programmes for children and adults with Asperger Syndrome, ADHD and Learning Difficulties (LD) including dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia. Our home schooling programme is conducted daily and available a once or twice a week programmes. You can choose whatever day or days and times you want for the programme. Please check with us for details.



BILINGUAL (English and Japanese) Education and Therapy Center for children and adults with development disorders and learning difficulties (LD) 

  1. 1. Providing education, therapy and movement programmes, to challenge children and adults.
  2. 2. Providing consulting, counseling, education and support services to parents and teachers who have to take care of or are working with special education needs children.


To find out more about the Center’s goals and objectives, visit their ABOUT US page.




Key Focus

Our teaching curriculum is adapted to and focuses on the unique individual needs of each child taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of each child and it addresses the unique problems faced by each child. The goal is to provide an educational experience that will enable the students to go on and live productive and fulfilling lives with the greatest degree of independence that they are capable off, by becoming contributing members in our society. Our programme is conducted both in Japanese and English as we deem this to be a very important part of our teaching system. Our teaching curriculum is adapted to and includes the curriculum used in Japanese schools, combined with British and American systems of teaching and management. 


Miscellaneous Activities and Events 



From time to time the following will be arranged participation of the child is necessary subject to the child’s abilities and adequate number of participating students. Parents will be informed in advance of these activities for the children and any charges for the same if applicable. Sometimes the participation of at least one parent if not both will be required for an activity or event and this too will be informed as and when necessary

1. Cooking classes, dancing classes, plant care and gardening, horse riding, etc. (Additional charges may apply)

2. Specialists from different fields of business will visit the school to talk and give advice to the children and share their work experiences. (Free of charge)

3. Trips will be arranged to various places e.g. the zoo, the aquarium, the beach, the pool, places of business or companies, etc. (Additional charges may apply)

4. Celebrations of festivals like Setsubun, Halloween, Christmas, etc. (Additional charges may apply) 


From time to time information on various programmes in Japan and abroad will be provided and parents have the option of having their child to participate in these programmes. 

1. Summer school and winter school programmes and activities will be offered in Japan. (Additional charges apply to those who want to participate in them)

2. Summer school and winter school programmes and activities will be offered abroad in the U.K., Australia, the U.S.A., etc. (Additional charges apply to those who want to participate in them)


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