Gregg International School (Meguro-ku, Tokyo)

Gregg International School website:

1-14-6 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152–0035 Ph: 03-3725-8000 Contact Visit school website for more info.

The school offers a Preschool Program; an Elementary Program through to Grade 6. Its Language Arts, Science, Math and Social Studies classes utilize international curricula. The academic program also includes Computer, Music, Art, Theater, Japanese language and Physical Education classes. Classes are taught in English.

GIS programs are designed for children aged 2 to 12 aim to instill the joy of learning and inquiry, nurtured by qualified faculty who recognize and respect their children’s personally held views and thoughts. A sustained, active inquiry allows its students to reach a much higher realm of academic study. Celebrating over two decades of educational service to the community, GREGG International School remains committed to providing classes and activities that bring diverse cultures together–for a lifetime of discovery and enrichment.

2 thoughts on “Gregg International School (Meguro-ku, Tokyo)”

  1. I’m currently attending Gregg International College and I have to say this school is by far not only the worst school I’ve attended but have every heard of.

    My first complaint is that their advertisement states that the course is a total of 800 hours but in fact the course is only 600 hours. I complained about this but in the typical Japanese fashion they just ignored my complaint and refused to refund my money. I asked how they came up with 800 hours and they said that each day a student studies 4 hours, which is a total lie. Each student studies exactly two 90-minute classes and no more. For example, my classes are from 9:10am to 12:20pm with a 10-minute break between the 2 classes.

    It’s obvious to me at least that they used to at one time offer a full program. If you look at their current school website which seems really old and unprofessional it clearly states that there are both morning and afternoon classes included in the program. Of course this is a complete outright lie as no student studies both in the mornings as well as in the afternoons.

    Okay it gets worse if that’s even possible. I signed up for the 2-year program however it turns out that there is no class for my level until October. I started in April and because of my level, which they were well aware of, there is no class that I can attend until October. So instead of informing me to wait to start in October, they just took my money and threw me in a class way above my level and are making me wait a full 6 months… completely unprofessional and highlights that this school is just about making money.

    Not only am I unhappy with the missing 200 hours and being lied to about there being classes at my level, I’m extremely unhappy with the lack quality. It’s not that the teachers are bad; instead the problem is that this school is only about making money. For this reason, half the kids in each class are not studying at their level. Not studying at one’s level makes students give up on even trying and on any given day I would say 1/3 of the class sleeps on their desks during class. Actually, there hasn’t been even one day since starting a few months ago that there hasn’t been a minimum of 2-3 students asleep in class for the entire 3 hours. When I say sleep I mean like snoring… I’ve personally woken a few students because their snoring was annoying me.

    In summary this school is a complete joke and only exist to make money. There are many quality schools in Japan so do your research before getting ripped off like me.

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