How to enroll your child in a Japanese public school


(1) To enroll a child who has just entered Japan, parents should go to Ward Office (Ku yakusho) and apply for an alien registration (gaikokujin tourokusho) on behalf of the child. Be sure to take proof of address, as the school your child may attend is fixed by address. A photograph is not necessary for children. Once you have the alien registration card, proceed to the Board of Education (kyouiku iinkai) office in Ward Office. This office will telephone the school your child will attend to make an appointment for the parents and child to meet the principal (kouchou mensetsu), usually the next day. The child can generally begin school immediately after the interview.

(2) Children who are changing address from within Japan (including other wards of Tokyo), parents should visit the ward office to submit a change of address (juusho henkou). The rest of the procedure is the same as written above.

(3) Children who are already resident in this Ward and who wish to transfer from an international school, parents should take the child’s alien registration card to the Board of Education office to begin enrollment procedures. It is not necessary to bring the child.


(Editor’s note: The above instructions are handed out by Boards of Education and by the City/Ward Offices around the country. Wording may vary very slightly, but the procedures are basically the same.)

4 thoughts on “How to enroll your child in a Japanese public school”

  1. I have a 10-year-old japanese child here in the Philippines who wishes to study in Japan. I am not married to his father.
    What is the first step to do?

    1. Nasa pilipinas din po ba kayo?
      Pwd kau lumapit sa mga agencies or foundation jan sa atin.Katulad nang saamin sila ang mag aasikaso ng mga papeles nyo.

    2. Shin nikkeijin network or SNN
      yan ung nilapitan nmin at tinulungan kming mag nanay na makapunta dito sa japan..ang office nila ay sa manila,cebu at davao..
      Sana po makatulong..

  2. Dear Sir/ Ma’am,

    Good day! My 12 years old daughter is a japanese citizen , she is now studying here in the Phillipines as grade 7. Next school year she wants to continue her studies in Tokyo and to stay together with her japanese dad. I would like to know what is the requirements besides of her Report Card that she need to bring from the Philippines. Thank you in advance for giving some information. More power!

    Respectfully yours,
    Flora Lonceras

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