Bilinga Science International School – new school opening in Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo

School Announcement: A new Bilinga Science International School has opened in September (2010) in Takanawa and is currently enrolling students.

Bilinga Science International School

Address: 3-21-7 Regaro Takanawa 1F, Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo (Access: 7 minute walk from Shinagawa Station, 8 minute walk from Toei-asakusa Line Takanawadai Station See access map)

Phone:  03-6450-2923 Email:

Choose from 3 course programmes – (A) Preschool; (B) Kindergarten (C) Bilingual Kids’ Afterschool. For preschool and kindergarten programmes, parents may opt for the morning programme (5 hours – 9am-2 pm) or full-day programme – till 5 pm.

In the preschool programme, the goal is for children (1–3 yrs of age) to develop perfect pitch in English through different activities, songs, and outdoor play in an English environment.

In Kindergarten, lessons are conducted in English and discovery through outdoor play in the morning. Science, math, geography, art, and many other lessons taught in English in the afternoon. Discovery time in the park

At the Afterschool, students enjoy science experiments, cooking, art, handcraft, outdoor play, and other fun activities with English native teachers.

BSI’s educational concept from their website: “In a flood of information, the number of kids who struggle to express themselves is increasing. We believe that; “the ability to communicate = the power to live”. At Bilingual Kids, we hope to support building the foundation necessary in order to teach the children the joy of communicating with others, show them the importance of expressing oneself and caring for others, think with a broad outlook, and to lead the world.

At Bilingual Kids, We teach children from the age of 0 and above. We provide different lessons suitable for each student’s English level. Kids demonstrate their ability to do something when they are interested. At Bilingual Kids, especially in the infant class, we offer many activities such as games, crafts and music that that kids truly enjoy, and we provide curriculums where children can acquire English naturally through these activities. Through many seasonal events, we provide opportunities for our students to come in contact with not only the English language but also foreign cultures. We bring together language, culture, and people in an organic way. Elementary school children and above acquire the ability to express their own thoughts by mastering grammar first, and then practicing verbally based on the full understanding method. We pay special attention to reading out loud, and teach a good balance of reading, writing, listening, and speaking.”

Also from their website:

“Why Science?

Science does not equal complicated chemical formulas or laws. Children are born investigators. With their brimming curiosity, children try to learn about the world around them.  Our Curriculum at Bilinga Science International School guides each student to the method of thinking scientifically by paying careful attention to children’s questions of “Why?” and “How?”, and observing, and experiencing many things.  Observation, thinking, and discovery. Through these three steps, children develop greatly.” (Find out more about their science curriculum here).

There are two other similarly operated Bilinga Science International Schools – the Nishimagome School and the Musashikosugi School.

西馬込スクール (Nishimagome School)
【住所】〒143-0026 東京都大田区西馬込2-19-15
【TEL】 03-5742-8387

武蔵小杉スクール              (Musashikosugi School)

【住所】〒211-0011 神奈川県川崎市中原区下沼部1760 カインド玉川4F


2 thoughts on “Bilinga Science International School – new school opening in Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo”

  1. Can u pls give me the exact address and website of the the bilinga science international school in musashi kosugi

    1. Please go to the website of the Bilinga school as given on our information page, and contact them directly. The website is one and the same. The address of the Musashii kosugi school is available from the website.

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