Website: (formerly LCA International School)
2-3-15 Yokoyamadai
Sagamihara City
Kanagawa Prefecture 229-1121
Tel: 042-758-1921
Fax: 042-758-1931

Note: a school bus that goes to Machida Station, Sagamiono Station, Fuchinobe Station, and Hashimoto Station.

For kids aged 2 yrs –  9th graders. Originally established as a private juku in 1985, the International Pre-School opened in the 2000, and in April of 2005 the Elementary School opened. LCA later changed its status from an international school to a company that has been given permission to run as a school and according to its website it classifies itself as a Japanese private school with a focus on English. An unusual thing, but the principal Norio Yamaguchi explained that this was important for LCA as it distinguished itself from international schools that conduct all subjects in English, whereas LCA stresses the importance of two languages: Japanese and English. With the status, LCA conducts all courses abiding by the Japanese national curriculum in both Japanese and in English. Mainly targeted for Japanese students and International/Foreign students who are looking for an education with Japanese cultural acquisition, the school aims to foster students who will have universally accepted values and who will be able play an active part in the world with their English capabilities.  Preschool curriculum is entirely English immersion and most subjects for first-grade are conducted in English with an exception to Japanese language and Japanese culture courses. As students progress to the sixth grade, more courses are taught in Japanese to build the students’ knowledge in both English and Japanese.