Japan Fitness Vacations

If you are interested in a “fitness vacation trip”, holidays that get you sweating running, panting via activities such as kayaking, cycling, hiking or martial arts, then look to www.bashukwaytravel.com.

Bashukway Travel gets a group of people together for intense physical pursuits. All participants are given a fitness test and a one-on-one professional trainer about their fitness health goals before beforehand.

The 8-day trips package fitness activities with Japanese spiritual experiences (shiastsu, zazen, etc) as well as quintessential Japan experiences with each day offering 6 hours worth of activities. The tours also offer  traditional Japanese food nutritionally prepared by nutritionists and dieticians.  

The vacations are operated year-round for sports clubs, fitness groups, gyms as well as private tours for people from all over the world as well as locals. Groups are accepted throuhgout the year, but anyone may join an open course in July.

As can be expected, the tours don’t come cheap at around 125,000 yen per person (minimum of 4 per group).

Email info@bashukwaytravel.com for more information.


Reference: Japan Fitness Vacations feature by Karryn Miller for the Metropolis www.metropolis.co.jp

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