Kids Talk English School (Kita-ku, Tokyo)

Kids Talk website:
三信ビル1F・2F Akabane Minami 1-1-2 Kita-ku Tokyo 115-0044
Phone/Fax: 03-3901-2116

KIDS TALK English school, established in 1999, was the first children’s English school in Akabane to offer morning classes matching the Japanese kindergarten time frame.(9:00a.m.-2:00p.m.). The school also offers afternoon classes for children at Japanese kindergartens and elementary schools (3:20-4:50p.m. and 5:00-6:30p.m.).

The school seeks to provode consistent, high quality education, alongside teaching the children manners and social skills. KIDS TALK has a no-Japanese speaking rule, which ensures immersion in an English environment at all times. The children are encouraged to use their language skills naturally. The classes have a high teacher – student ratio with a maximum number of eight students per class.

Experienced teachers teach all four areas of language, listening, speaking, reading and writing through free and structured play, and carefully designed lessons. Textbooks and reading books are chosen to accommodate the needs of the child. KIDS TALK uses the Oxford Reading Tree as the main reading programme, and was one of the pioneer schools in Japan to implement this system. The school is particularly proud of its extensive live music programme. Extra curriculum activities include Playschool (between 2:00 and 3:00p.m.), Saturday Fun Club, Halloween and Christmas parties, picnics and Summer School.

5 thoughts on “Kids Talk English School (Kita-ku, Tokyo)”

  1. Hi, I live in Oji. How far is it from the school? How much is the monthly tuition for a 2-year old kid? Thank you.

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