Cosmos International School (Kamakura, Zushi, Kanagawa)


Address: 8-22-26 Hisagi, Zushi (Access: From bus stop #6 at JR Zushi bus terminal take the #22 bus to Highland.
Get off the bus at the Yuhidai Koen bus stop. The fare will be \210.)

Phone: 046-870-5468

Younger than preschool students begin with the Headstart program by beginning to print the letters of the alphabet,
learning the names of colors and everyday objects, learning to speak simple sentences in English.

The preschool English Immersion Program consists of a 30-hour week in which students are instructed in English. In the morning, students take lessons in subjects such as science and geography using colorful, beautifully illustrated English-language textbooks.

The afternoons are dedicated to music, crafts, and playing outdoors in the local parks and sports field. These activities stimulate the five senses and develop creativity while encouraging students to think on their own. We also have yearly events from both Japanese and International traditions, such as Setsubun, Hina Matsuri, Halloween and Presentations.

Afterschool classes, French classes and spring and summer camps are also organized by the school.

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