Tezukayama Montessori International School (Abeno ward, Osaka)

Website: http://www.montessori-japan.com/

1-22-17, Tezukayama, Abeno-ku, Osaka 545-0037
Phone: 06-6652-2511(Japanese) 06-6652-2615(English) Fax: 06-6652-2820 Email: info@tmis-osaka.com
Tezukayama Montessori Int’l School offers instruction in English to children of all nationalities from 18 months old through 6 years old. The school adheres to the Montessori philosophy and principles, providing hands-on learning in a warm, stimulating environment.

Qualified and experienced teachers guide children through all subject areas.

Full day instruction(9:00~15:00) is available in the Children’s House. Toddler Program is from 9:00~13:00. Extended Care Program(~17:00) is available.

Large and safe facilities are conveniently located near train, bus, and subways in a nice area of Osaka.

3 thoughts on “Tezukayama Montessori International School (Abeno ward, Osaka)”

  1. Nice school. Teachers are warm and friendly and Montessori education is wonderful. I would recommend
    this school for anyone who wants more for their child before entering elementary.

  2. Wonderful experience!!!
    the school is very nice as well as the teachers. I would recommend this school if you want your child to learn a lot of things which is not found in the ordinary school.

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