School’s Out: What can we do?

Here is a listing of suggestions (a LONG listing may be found at the main website at the School’s Out page)

Take out those walking shoes and off you go into nature:

Go bear-watching!

Japanese Alps bear watching eco hikes. NPO offers bear viewing hikes three hours from Tokyo. Success guaranteed. For more info, contact

Go kayaking! WIZ-NATURE (Tokyo)
WIZ-NATURE has a clubhouse on the banks of the Tama River that offers instruction on all aspects of kayaking from basic paddling, river running to the latest rodeo techniques, as well as surf kayaking. Bilingual school staff.

Take up Music & Dance!

Take up “oyako” (parent&child) tap dancing. Azabu Tap Circle meets in Roppongi and Azabu to practice tap dancing. Contact

Get a beat going! Taiko Drumming. Experience the power and excitement of Japanese Taiko drumming. No experience necessary, just have fun and bang on drums. 090-8947-3701 Websites: Akaonidaiko; Wadaiko-ryu; Waraku Daiko; Tokyo American Club; Shudan Amanojaku; Miyabi Arashi Taiko School (Moko Igarashi 03-5442-3368); Studio Hougaku Academy


Yokohama Jujutsu Club meets Sun mornings. Learn Ketsugo Jujutsu free. Practice and train in a pricniple based Goshinjutsu in English. Practice self-preservation in a safe environment. Come empty your cup. Contact

Take up more celebral pursuits:

Go Practice Community of go (an ancient Japanese board game of Chinese origin) players gather and compete. Occasional free lessons from local masters. Every Sunday, 11 am, free. Ben’s Cafe, Takadanobaba. Phone: 03-3202-2445. Website:

TCS Improv Workshop. The Tokyo Comedy Store’s weekly improv workshop. All levels welcome. Every Tues, 7-9 pm, 2,100 yen. RBR Center, Moto-Azabu. Phone: 03-5770-7401. Nearest stn: Roppongi or Azabu-Juban. Website:

Kickboxing at BUNGELING BAY EBISU – the newest member of the kickboxing gym chain founded by K1 Max competitor Nitta Akeomi. This friendly gym not only offers kickboxing lessons in English from professionals, but also caters to people who just want to learn kickboxing for fitness.  English and bilingual classes are available for kids and women. There’s also Muay Thai, Ai-do and Pilates and personal training are also offered] Locations: Bungeling Bay Ebisu. 3F Glorious Mansions, 4-22-8 Ebisu, SHibuya-ku. Phone: 03-6905-6573. Open Mon &Thur 2 pm-10 pm, Tues-Wed & Fri Nearest stn Ebisu.  (others: Komazawa, Akashima Daira and Ekoda] Website:

Volunteer your services:

Organic Farming. Solar Cafe on Mt Fuji is a guest house which is a volunteer run organic farm. Now looking for short-term and long-term help. Enjoy farming, baking, hiking, onsen and more. Contact Website: has more.

Two new skateparks (opened in 2011) added to Skateboarding resources and Skatepark listings

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