NTA International Preschool (Nagoya city / Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)

NTA (Nippon Total Academy) International Preschool
Website: www.nta1.com

Website: www.nta1.com
名鉄交通Ueda Building 2F Ueda-Tenpaku Ward 3-1603,Nagoya City 468-0051
Phone:  05…  Fax:  052-806-9800 
Shintaiso Building 6F, Dogenzaka 2nd Pavilion  Shibuya Ward 2-10-7 Tokyo 150-0043
Phone:   03-3462-8100   Fax: 03-3462-5400

The Nippon Total Academy Preschool is run by the NTA English conversation school. It operates a preschool for kids aged 1 -5 years with two programs programme A:from 10-2 pm that offers 4 hours of preschool programme under a native English teacher and programme B:10-3 pm which offers 4 hours under a native English teacher plus one hours with a Japanese staff. The preschool uses the  American preschool “creative curriculum”. Through lessons including music, arts & craft, cooking, etc., the children acquire English language skills naturally.

1 thought on “NTA International Preschool (Nagoya city / Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)”

  1. Very bad school with non qualified teachers. The only thinking about money and not the well-being of the children’s. The Japanese staff are doing child abuse which they would be jail if the school was in the US.

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