Shinagawa International School (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo)


4-8-8 Higashishinagawa, Shinkan Bldg. Shinagawa-ku
Tel: 03 6433 1531 / Fax: 03 6433 1532_  / Email:

The Nearest Stations: 5 min. from Shinagawa Seaside Sta. or Aomonoyokocho Sta.

Shinagawa International School is an IB PYP accredited school situated between Shinagawa Seaside and Aomonoyokochou stations (5 min walking distance from each of them). SIS campus has ​​preschool classes (Ages 3 and 4), a kindergarten and a primary School​ (G1-6). The school was established in 2007 in Shibuya Ward but moved to the current premises at the end of June 2018.

Educational Programs : Preschool / Kindergarten / Primary Gr.1-6 (coed) 3-12 yrs
School Buses: Available / Parking: None
Maximum Number of Students: 180

About Shinagawa International School

SIS offers a holistic and student-centered approach in an environment that embraces diversity and creativity.

As an IB World School, SIS aims to put students at the center of their own learning from an early age. By nurturing students’ curiosity and self-motivation, SIS provides the groundwork children need to become better learners at school and for the rest of their lives. The IB curriculum’s “programs of inquiry” tackle themes related to identity, expression and organization in society in a trans-disciplinary way – combining communication, creativity, and science. For example, a project about the self may involve a lesson on the parts of the human body. Creating a drawing or model of the body uses artistic skills while labeling the body and understanding its functions use language-based and science-based skills respectively.

Each student has a portfolio of their own work, and they have complete control over what they include in it. This portfolio acts as a physical reflection not only of the student’s academic work but also their personal accomplishments, which appear as memos attached to various pages. These accomplishments include doing well on tests, but can also be as simple as an improvement with regards to timekeeping or handwriting. Through this, students come to understand the value of hard work and their own potential for personal growth. Summer Program available