Yamamura International High School (Sakado city, Saitama)

Yamamura International High School a.k.a. “Yamamura Kokusai” website:  http://www.yamamurakokusai.com/english/

1-2-23 Chiyoda, Sakado City, Saitama Prefecture Japan 350-0214
Phone: 081-49-281-0221 Fax: 081-49-283-3433 Email: admin@yamamurakokusai.com

This is a public school that has been reported by the press to be conducting English immersion classes.
The innovatively designed school describes itself online as “a lively school for 15 to 18 year olds, about 40 minutes out of Tokyo – that is popular for the following characteristics:

*international aspects of the school
*the broad range of extra-curricular activities
*high achievements in diverse activities such as baton twirling, kendo, fashion design and calligraphy
*the positive, exciting, atmosphere of students and staff”

From their website on their “Comprehensive English Course” offerings:

“For students who wish to concentrate on their English skills. As well as having a native English speaking form tutor, students of the Comprehensive English Course have four lessons a week with the native language speaker, four reading or writing lessons, four English grammar lessons and two English exam technique lessons, each week. In recent years, Yamamura International students have been scoring in the top five percent of English listening comprehension skills in the whole of Japan.”

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