Ueda International Preschool website

1-608 Uedahonmachi Tenpaku-ku, Nagoya city, Aichi prefecture
Phone: 052-807-0556 Fax: 052-807-0586 Email them through the website

The preschool program was established to meet the needs of foreign, dual national and returning English speaking Japanese families. Class is held in a renovated old schoolhouse with a well-equipped playground. The program focuses on the acquisition of essential early childhood skills. Children start off each morning with free play, follow by morning circle time. This special time is used to prepare the kids for the day’s activities, learn about the calendar, and perform wake up exercises to music. Morning classes consist of physical education, pre reading, art, and pre-math. Afternoon activities are more relaxed. Children get chances to sing along during music time and have a laugh during a puppet show game and the school day ends with story time which gets the kids settle down after a long day of learning fun.

From the UIP website: “UIP follows the British curriculum for primary school and the American curriculum for pre-school. Ueda Pre-School was originally established at the request of foreign parents who saw a need in the community for such a school. The school has a well equipped playground for children and a gymnasium. There are also many spacious classrooms, an art area and a library.”

Ueda International Preschool has recently established its affiliated primary school called Nagoya English Primary School currently operating its Year 1 classroom.

Nagoya English Primary School website
1-608  Uedahonmachi Tenpaku-ku Nagoya City, Aichi prefecture 468-0007
Phone: 052-807-0556 Email uip@goowork.co.jp

The primary program follows the UK curriculum.