Newton, Graphic Science Magazine

I picked up this magazine, Newton, Graphic Science Magazine, at the local book shop, to have a look through. It has great pics and easy to follow instructions for fun experiments-even with limited Japanese.
There is also a web site,

You can become a member for 12,000 yen per year.

They have lots of notices to science events happening around the country … a Science Camp for kids was advertised open to non-members as well.


5 thoughts on “Newton, Graphic Science Magazine”

  1. Ugh. I saw this awesome magazine in a bookstore today and was hoping it originated outside of Japan, in English.. It looks fascinating, I just wish I didn’t have to improve my Japanese in order to read it.

    This really needs to be published in English and sold in America… Really, great magazine that people need to see!!

  2. It was published in English and I was buying it for my son back in 2001, but after the 8th issue they stopped. My son loved it so we were very disappointed when we couldn’t get it any more. I have a couple of grandchildren I’d buy subscriptions for in a heartbeat if anyone can convince the publishers to start releasing it in English again.

  3. I have a copy with Einstein on the cover, and it seems to say (on the back) that the publication date was Oct 20, 2005. I would love to find a way to read it in English, but I don’t know how to enter the characters into a translation service of some sort.
    Any ideas? My email is, and obviously I am Gene Cavanaugh.

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