Waseda Prep School offers “Super Science Program”

Waseda Prep School, a major Tokyo cram school introduced the “Super Science Program”, a special course that offers high school students the opportunity to study life science under Professor Masaru Tomita dean of Keio’s Environment Info Faculty and other teachers at Keio and Waseda Prep Schools. Students of the course then participate in a study camp at Keio’s Institute for Advanced Biosciences in Tsuruoka, Yamagata Prefecture. The course not only offers lectures but also places importance on experiments, discussion and exchanges among participants at the dinner table. The students can also participate in a graduate school project and learn science related English to improve their presentation skills at international meetings.

Note: Students who do not usually attend Waseda Prep School can also apply for the SSP course. Selection is based on an interview and a short essay about an article from Time magazine.

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