Overcome your kids’ dyslexia with intensive remedial instruction

Remedial Instruction Can Make Strong Readers Out Of Poor Readers, Brain Imaging Study Reveals (June 12, 2008) — A new brain imaging study of poor readers found that 100 hours of remedial instruction not only improved the skills of struggling readers, but also changed the way the parietotemporal regions of …  > read more

Cognitive neuroscientists monitoring brain activity with fMRI found that children with dyslexia are often unable to process the fast-changing sounds. …  > full story
Brain Images Show Individual Dyslexic Children Respond To Spelling Treatment (Feb. 9, 2006) — Brain images of individual children with dyslexia before they received spelling instruction show they have different patterns of brain activity than do good spellers when doing language tasks. But …  > read more
Short-term Dyslexia Treatment Strengthens Key Brain Regions (July 28, 2003) — After only three weeks of reading instruction, brain scans in children with dyslexia develop activation patterns that match those of normal readers, according to a new study published in the July 22 …  > read more
Imaging Study Reveals Brain Function Of Poor Readers Can Improve (Apr. 20, 2004) — A brain imaging study has shown that, after they overcome their reading disability, the brains of formerly poor readers begin to function like the brains of good readers, showing increased activity …  > read more


Remedial Instruction Rewires Dyslexic Brains, Provides Lasting Results, Study Shows Science Daily
A new Carnegie Mellon University brain imaging study of dyslexic students and other poor readers shows that the brain can permanently rewire itself and overcome reading deficits, if students are given 100 hours of intensive remedial instruction. 


Sound Training Rewires Dyslexic Children’s Brains For Reading (November 4, 2007) — Brain imaging adds further support to the idea that at least some children with dyslexia have trouble processing sound, rather than a visual problem. The study also shows that computer-based sound …  > read more 

Rutgers Researcher: Brains In Dyslexic Children Can Be ‘Rewired’ To Improve Reading Skills (March 5, 2003) — In a scientific first, researchers have shown that the brains of dyslexic children can be “rewired” through intensive remedial training to function more like those found in normal …  > read more
Adults With Dyslexia Can Improve With Phonics-based Instruction, Research Shows (October 29, 2004) — New research shows that phonics-based instruction can actually change brain activity in adults with dyslexia, resulting in significant improvements in reading. The findings from a collaborative study …  > read more
Overcoming Dyslexia: Timing Of ‘Connections’ In Brain Is Key (September 5, 2007) — Using new software developed to investigate how the brains of dyslexic children are organized, researchers have found that key areas for language and working memory involved in reading are connected

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