Mayosuku English School (Tsuzuki ward, Yokohama City)


Access to the school via:
Center-Minami Station in Yokohama (*20 minutes from Yokohama station / *35 minutes from Shibuya station)
Yuto Bldg  2F Chigasaki chuo, 50-16 Tsuzuki ward,  Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture,
Phone/fax: 045-949-0304

The school runs an English immersion 5 hour preschool program (for children aged 2 to 4 years) with a creative curriculum offering activities such as “Music & Movement”, “Art & Crafts” and “Circle Games”.  The core programs are the English Immersion, preschool, preschool advanced and kinder courses. Saturday morning and afterschool programs are also available.

Apart from the academic programs, music and movement programs are also offered for infants and toddlers as well as preschoolers.

2 thoughts on “Mayosuku English School (Tsuzuki ward, Yokohama City)”

  1. Hi Mayosuku,
    I was wondering if you need any more part time teachers. I am a 49 year old American married to a Japanese husband with three teenage daughters. We have been living here in Tsuzuki-ku, Kachida-cho for four years now. I got my bachelors degree from San Diego State University and TESOL from East Bay University, CA. Please let me know, thanks Mary Takaoka tel: 050-1373-5032 or

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