Tokyo Dalton & Nagoya Dalton Schools (Tokyo & Nagoya)


Website: :
Location: 1-19-20, Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 155-0031
Phone:  0120-304301 (toll free in Japan) or 03-3465-4301 Email:

This is a Japanese preschool catering to Japanese families. Established by Kawaijuku, it emphasizes English language instruction, offering a daily English class taught by a North American teacher. Subjects taught include: Project, Work-time, Free Play, Lab, Music, Gym, Art, Science, Computers, etc. Class size: Two teachers to about 17 children

Second location in Nagoya:
2-2-1 Imaike, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya 464-8610 (main)
1-25-16 Imaike, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya 464-8610 (annex)
Phone:     052-735-1611    (main building) and     052-735-1712     (Dalton II) Email: 

The schools are affiliated to Kawai jukus and in 1975 the name was changed from Kawai juku preschool to Kawai juku Preschool for Gifted Children, which in 1976 became Kawaijuku Dalton School and eventually, Dalton School Tokyo and Dalton School Nagoya. They have play group, preschool and afterschool elementary (grades 1-6) programs.

Class size: Its preschool programs are held in classes with two teachers to up to 17 children. Its afterschool programs are conducted with between 1-4 children only because the classes are designed to foster creativity and logical thinking – children choose from a range of up to 7 subjects.

The school has its own set of intelligence tests. An intellectual development diagnosis test is carried out using Dalton School’s unique SGK test. According to their website:
“Assessment using the SGK intelligence diagnostic test does not yield an intelligence quotient, as other tests do, but seeks to measure your child’s mental ability from two different angles, those of mental content (visual, symbolic and semantic) and mental operations (cognition, memory, divergent production, convergent production, evaluation). The kids’ and elementary children’s “Lab” is a program based upon this mental content and mental workings.”

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