Average teen not getting enough vit D & Low vitamin D leads to teen ailments says study

Low Vitamin D Linked to Teens Ailments Source: The Washington Post 

Researchers have observed that teenagers with low Vitamin D levels are more likely than other teens to have high blood pressure and high blood sugar. Both conditions bode poorly: High blood pressure strains the cardiovascular system, and high blood sugar can presage diabetes. More study is needed to see if upping teens’ Vitamin D consumption improves their health.


“The body makes vitamin D when exposed to sunlight’s ultraviolet rays. Getting about 15 minutes of sunlight a few times a week is generally enough. Vitamin D is also in fortified foods like milk and in salmon and other oily fish. The American Academy of Pediatrics recently doubled its recommended amount of vitamin D for children and teens to 400 units daily – the equivalent of drinking four cups of milk. The pediatricians group said kids who don’t get enough should take vitamin supplements.

The teen study looked at about 3,600 boys and girls ages 12 to 19 who took part in a government health survey from 2001 to 2004. The researchers used measurements of vitamin D from blood tests. On average, none of the teens were getting enough vitamin D.”

2 thoughts on “Average teen not getting enough vit D & Low vitamin D leads to teen ailments says study”

  1. What exactly is your ailment or symptoms? I am not a doctor, so if you feel you have a vitamin deficiency, you ought to consult a nutritionist or read a few books on a balanced diet suitable for your age, or if your symptoms are more severe and prevent you from functioning, you ought to see a doctor.

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