Prime International School (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)


1-13-2 Ebisu-Minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo zip150-0566

Phone: 03-6303-0566 FAX:03-6303-0569 E-mail:

Prime International School offers “Prime Junior,” an international preschool and kindergarten, as well as academic afternoon school for returnees, “Prime Academia”. 

Prime Junior offers programs from preschool through to kindergarten ages that are designed to enhance your child’s development. Learning through exploration and recreation is emphasized. Prime Junior’s hands-on learning occurs not only within the classroom but out in the world with exciting field trips for the children such as sowing seeds and harvesting in the countryside, factory tours, trips to the fire department and museums, catching insects, and trying their hand at pottery. Prime Junior encourages children to explore the world around them in order to attain an advanced level of academic knowledge. Once they begin elementary school, student enter the Prime Academia programmes to learn a variety of academic subjects.

Prime Academia is English Pocket’s total culmination of our time-tested educational program is targeted specifically toward returnee children. Prime Academia, an afternoon international school, aims to prepare children for the global arena through English education in various academic subjects.

A student is regarded to have returnee status when the student was enrolled full-time in a Public or Private English-speaking school overseas for at least one year.

Prime Academia is designed for students with a native or near-native level of English already, who need to hone these skills. The primary reason people chose Prime Junior is because the programs offer phonics, reading, science, music, mathematics and P.E. The range of subjects provides opportunities for children to acquire and develop a well-rounded set of skills, in addition to enjoying the learning process. Monthly themes and special events help to expand children’s knowledge base and strengthen their communication skills.

A “Pre-Academia” programme is also offered for students who have never lived abroad or studied at an International School. Through our Pre-Academia programmes, students learn fundamental English skills, as well as phonics and reading, before joining the regular programmes.

Prime’s literacy curricula includes focus on phonics, reading and writing and are highly effective in helping students acquire native-level reading skills by the age of 6. 

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