Young Astronomer’s Club

The Young Astronauts Club – Japan (YAC) offers many exciting programmes and activities for children and young people (such as guided night field trips to watch stars and constellations; science project workshops; visits by real Japanese astronomers). These are held in virtually all prefectures around the nation, mostly in conjunction with local planetariums and science centers. Chances you are able to pick up a YAC brochure at your nearest science or youth center to subscribe to membership or else email them to send you one.  Membership gives you a Space passport and the YAC magazine subscription, plus you’ll be sent a schedule of the events and activities that organized around the country. At the YAC website, it defines its mission as follows:

The YAC is an international organization desgined for young people:who
*Dream of exploring space
*Want to be astronauts and work in space
*Desire to explore the Galaxy as scientists, astronomers, or engineers
*Hope to make friends from all over the world
*Are excited by the challenges of new experience

1F Kanumadai 1-9-15, Sagamihara-shi KanagawaJapan
Post Code : 229-0033
Tel.00-81-42-705-8071 Fax.00-81-45-704-3477
E-Mail :


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