We have added many new sections with lots of helpful learning games for ESL students, or anyone trying to better their English vocabulary. Here are just a few of the new sections:

Syllable games! – http://www.vocabulary.co.il/syllables/ – learn about syllables and how to break words up into syllables in this fun online learning game.
Analogy Games! – http://www.vocabulary.co.il/analogies/ – Understanding analogies and analogy types is very important tool in teaching critical thinking skills. Why not have fun doing it!?
Homophone Games! – http://www.vocabulary.co.il/homophones/ – Sound alike words trick all of us once in a while. These homophones games will help you make sure you’re tricked by words as little as possible!
Contraction Games! – http://www.vocabulary.co.il/contractions/ – Contractions can be tough to remember when you’re first learning how to use them. Make it easier with fun learning games!
Compound Word Games! – http://www.vocabulary.co.il/compound-words/ – Compound words are fun. Why not make teaching them fun too? You can keep the learning fun with these compound word games.