Maebashi International Kindergarten (Maebashi City, Gunma)

Maebashi International International Kindergarten website
Address: 9-10 Kitashirota-Machi, Maebashi-City, Gunma Prefecture, Japan 371-0055
Phone/fax: 027-230-9330 or from overseas dial 81-27-230-9330 Email:

Maebashi International Kindergarten has since 2001 been offering a unique learning experience for 2-5 year old children through a 50/50 Japanese/English immersion method. Fully qualified Early childhood teachers encourage each child to develop social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills at a level appropriate to each individual child. The school employs a variety of methods to help foster these skills including both educational free play and structured group sessions. The goal is to educate children in a safe, well balanced,wholesome and fun environment, so they are able to confidently enter a domestic or international elementary school. At MIK children are encouraged to act independently, the school motto is ” I CAN DO IT MYSELF” School gallery photos here.

The kindergarten aims to provide an education which is formed by combining both free-style and structured activities within a Japanese and Foreign curriculum. The base principal of “learning through play” and the value of play time are considered essential in each child’s academic and social development. The children should not and will not be made to “study” as in the Elementary school situation. Children are encouraged to think and act freely and will be guided in their exploration as necessary. Each child is allowed to “figure things out” – “Teach a little- explore a lot”. The kindergarten uses a range of methods within the basic structured time and free play time to introduce children to a variety of concepts

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