Gyosei Kokusai Gakuen (or St. Johon’s School – Yohane experimental school)


1083 Yana, Kisarazu City, Chiba Prefecture 292-8565
Phone: 0438-52-3291

Gyosei International Primary School (a.k.a. Morning Star High School) which is located in Yana, Kisarazu, Chiba, Prefecture is an accredited private Japanese Catholic Elementary, Junior and High School. The school is a comprehensive primary and secondary educational system, with 6 years for elementary, 3 for junior high, and 3 for high school. Note that despite its name “international school” it is not an international school according to the Japanese education ministry.  The school however provides a comprehensive education program in three languages (Japanese, English, and French) and is all coeducational. It started from Kudan’s Gyosei Gakuen’s sister school. The main school has two integrated departments, one section conducted predominantly in English, with supplementary French and Japanese instruction, and the other conducted entirely in Japanese.  The school program includes an international course where English is the main medium of instruction in the course. From junior high onwards, students are put into their English classes based on proficiency levels not grade level.

Parallel to the two departments is the Yohane program which is an experimental school where the students study at their own pace and choose their own courses of study. Teachers for this department are employed as counselors for the students, rather than conducting conventional classes. The school also operates a boarding school (see Over 80% of the junior and senior high school Gyosei students live in the dormitories. The school is located in the hills of Kisarazu City 8 kilometers from Kisarazu Station on the JR Line or a 20-minute taxi ride. Kisarazu is on Tokyo Bay about 70 kilometers from Tokyo Station and is at one end of the Aqua Line, the bridge and tunnel which connects to Haneda Airport and the Kawasaki-Yokohama area.  It is also located in natural surroundings right next to a large park with paths for walking and are surrounded by rice paddies and traditional farm houses.