Math Warrior and MasterMath web resources

 offers free middle school math lessons, each including a video lesson, printable worksheet, and a self-grading quiz that shows the student how to do any problem they miss.

We opened in August, and the response has been pretty awesome. One user said: “My son loves your site. It really helps him. Nice reminders for me also. He did 5 lessons the first time he went on….our son has some attention issues. So, to get him to do school work is like pulling teeth. For him to stay on your site for so long was unbelievable. Five lessons! He laughed at the funny pictures and got very serious with doing the problems. Everyone had to be silent while he was working. Another thing that was great with your site was when he had problems with converting fractions to decimals (you knew some of the kids would) all he had to do was go back to 6Th grade math lessons. What a great site for when school starts. Where were you years ago??”


Maths Warriors  has just launched a website URL: which might interest you. We offer free maths materials, mainly for Key Stage 2 (ages 7 to 11), including grids, tables, charts, maths games, investigations, loop cards, posters, worksheets – and useful explanations. All resources tried and tested, with positive feedback from children and educators . . .



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