Anime and manga schools

Anime schools:

Tokyo School of Anime (Website: offers a unique 2-year program that combines the best of animation studies. Tokyo School of Anime is supported by Studio 4C, creators of such anime hits such as Animatrix and Tekkon Kinkreet and production company DLE, of Taka no Tsume fame allowing students to gain practical experiece working side-by-side with industry professionals. There’s also figure design, 3DCG animation and costume design, with an emphasis on cosplay fashion. The school has about 8,400 comics resource. For more info contact:

The Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music:  Website:
See Tokyo Art University Establishes Anime Art School

The Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music has established a Masters degree graduate school intended to instruct would-be anime filmmakers and movie directors. While Tokyo University and Keio University have included anime as a part of the curriculum, this is the first time it a Japanese university has gone so far as to establish a graduate school with such a major emphasis on anime creation.

The establishment of the school is being hailed as academic recognition of the global popularity of Japanese anime. The new graduate program will feature major fields of study including movies, animation, and media video. Based in Yokohama, the 70-student program is set to begin during the 2005 academic year.

In related news, Tokyo University has announced plans to establish a program intended to raise students able to compete in the global animation and videogame industries. Anime directors Mamoru Oshii and Katsuhiro Otomo, Studio Ghibli Producer Toshio Suzuki, and manga artist Takehiko Inoue have reportedly all been invited to participate as instructors.

Until now, individuals hoping to learn about animation had little choice but to attend minor vocational schools. The rush by Tokyo’s prestigious universities to incorporate animation-related curricula is being seen by many as strong evidence of anime’s rising position in Japanese culture. – Source:

Yoyogi Animation School (Yoyogi Animeshon Gakuin)
1-20-3-CS-4 Yoyogi / Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001 Phone: 0120-310-042 Fax: 0120-210-595
Courses Years
Animation 2 / CG Animation/ Games 2 / Voice Acting 1 / Digital Animation Artist (Digital Ink & Paint) 1 / Manga/Comics 1 / Animation Production Management 1 / Background Artist 1 / Animation AV Operator 2 / Animation Camera 2 / Illustration 2 / Junior Novels 1 / Music Artist 2 / Music Business 2 / Multimedia Creator 1

Locations: Tokyo, Harajuku, Hachioji, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sendai, Sapporo, Hiroshima,  Shizuoka, Wakayama, Takamatsu, Miyazaki

Tokyo Designer School / (Toukyou Dezaina Gakuin)
2-11 Suragadai / Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101 Phone:         03-3294-2831
Courses Years:
Animation 2 / Game Creator 2 / Character Design 1 / Computer Graphics 1 / Manga/Comics 1 / Illustration 2

Toho Gakuen Professional Training College of Film
Courses: Movie・Music Video・Animation・Novel・Comics

1-18-25 Takadanobaba, Sinjuku-ku, Tokyo,169-0075

College of International Design (Kokusai Dezainkarejji)
2-22 Asahi-cho / Kouchi-shi, 780 Phone:       0888-75-0099

Courses Years
Graphic Design 2 / Interior Design 2 / Architecture 1 /Manga/Comics 1

Amusement Media School (Amyu-zumentomedia Soukou Gakuin)
2-29-8 Higashi / Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0011 Phone: 0120-41-4600 Fax: 03-3406-5070

Courses Years
Voice Acting 2 / Game Creator 2 / CG Animation Creator 1 / Multimedia Creator 2 / Manga/Comics 1 / Computer Game Creator 2 / Novels 2 / Comics 2 / Animator 2

They also have night courses for other areas of interest.

Locations: Tokyo, Osaka

Toei Animation Institute (Toei Animeshyon Kenkyuujyou)
Surugadai Bldg. / 1-2-5 Surugadai Kanda
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101 Phone:       03-5281-2730 (Japanese)
Toei has just built their own school.

Courses Years
Animation / Planning/Producer / Director / Digital Animation Artist (Digital Ink & Paint) / Writer / Background Artist

Tokyo Animation School (Toukyou Animeta Gakuin)
3-4-9 Mizakicho / Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0061  Phone:       03-5276-1511  Fax: 03-3234-2469

Courses: Animation / CG Games / Voice Acting / Manga/Comics / Animation Character Designer
Background Artist / Airbrush Illustration / Illustration / Junior Novels / Writer

Multimedia Art School (a-to gakuen)
3-8-7 Nishi Azabu / Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0031 / Phone:       03-5421-2671

Courses Years / Special Animator 1 / Animation Content (?) 1 / Technical Art 1 / Story Comics 1 /Digital Comics 1

Tokyo Game Designer Institute
(Toukyou ge-mudezaina-gakuin)
1-47-3 Yoyogi /Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0053 Phone:       03-5350-2422

Courses: Animation/ Animation Creative / Digital Animation /CG Animation & Game Character Design /CG Animation & Games
Manga/Comics /Illustration / Voice Acting Talent /Game Creator


Links suggesting other animation schools:

Animation/cartoon related colleges and university listing (pdf)


Best Animation Schools – including After Effects, Premiere, Flipbook, Flash and Dreamweaver; Autodesk Maya; Anime Studio; Apple Shake; and Pixar RenderMan. School of Film and Digital Media resources also include a Vicon motion capture system.

Computer Animation School Review – online resource for finding the right animation school, program or degree. You can find training courses in graphic design, drafting, digital media, television or film editing.

Animation Schools in Japan

Anime Gakuin (Japanese only)

Digital Hollywood University


Manga schools:

Tokyo Polytechnic University (Atsugi Campus in Atsugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture, and Nakano Campus in Nakano Ward, Tokyo) Find out more here

Faculty of the Arts; Faculty of Engineering

1583 Iiyama, Atsugi-shi, Kanagawa, 243-0297 Phone: 046-242-9600 Email:

See this page for Japan Times write-up featuring testimonial of student studying at its manga department

Japan Manga Institute (Nihon Manga Gakuin)
1-3-98 Nishinakanobe
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 142 Phone:       03-3785-4429      Fax: 03-3785-0298

Courses: Manga/Comics

Career School Fare (Kyariasuku-ru Fa-re)
Part of Tokyo Designer School
4-16 Sakurahamachou / Shibuy-ku, Tokyo 150 Phone:       03-3770-5485
Courses: Various Manga/Comics /

Kodansha Culture Center (Kodansha Karucha Senta-)
1-15-12 Toranomon / Minato-ku, Tokyo 105 Phone:       03-3501-7419
Fax: 03-3501-3674
Courses: Comic Illustration / Manga/Comics / Illustration 24

Students who are interested in anime/manga careers should also visit the annual Tokyo International Anime Fair and Digital Content Expo.

You might also like to view this more general listing of universities and colleges focusing on arts & culture:

44 thoughts on “Anime and manga schools”

  1. Hello,

    I am making an amateur movie in Tokyo early next year and am looking for students who might like to volunteer their skills.

    We need computer graphics specials effects, make-up, special effects, camera men, story board artists, actors and any one interested in making a short action X-Men film.

    Could you suggest how how I could advertise this project to students?

    Do you know of any list of schools in Tokyo connected to Film, Manga, Anime etc that would have the kind of students I am looking for?

    Thank you for your time,

    P.S. The photo is of one of the actors in costume of the character Wolverine

  2. amm i am a yemeni live in ksa
    if you can give me best manga school i will be graet full to you
    i want to go to japan and study there

  3. Hi:
    i’m so interested to learn draw manga .

    i have Skills , but i don’t have chance here in my Country .

    we don’t have manga school ,i like drawing manga when i was 10 years.

    so please give me information to Join manga anime school .

  4. Is this School open for foreigners to possibly apply for classes. If so how could I go about doing it? My friend and I are really into anime manga drawing and where wondering how to go about possibly making a career out of.

  5. Any foreign student-to-be may apply to any school in Japan via the usual procedures. But your ability to study in Japan usually requires a grasp of Japanese, some Japanese language schools here prepare you for studying in Japanese schools, and there are some that specifically prepare you for anime and manga schools.

  6. Hey,
    I want to know more about Japanese animation schools or institute.Their courses,fees,procedures for foreigner students.Please provide me some valid information.

    1. Please conduct your own correspondence with the individual schools. You can use our listings and links to do your own research. We are not affiliated with any organization or company, the information is for our own EIJ forum online community and for our members’ interest.

  7. Hi im in georgia and i want to know more about these school amd their requriment. Also i want to know if you have to know how to speak japanese in order to go to their school.

  8. I need an online Manga school can you help me please. I LOVE JAPAN. But I can’t come I am disabled and can’t travel 😦 this is my mom’s e/mail address I am useing

    1. You can post your question here, but it is best to contact the different schools listed for their information pamphlets and write in to them for information about their courses directly. We only try to list as many schools as we know about here.

  9. Hi hope some one reads this we want start an anime school in India but have almost no idea how to go about it. my contact are as follows email add., Cell no.- (+91) 8550 988550. Need advise in starting an institute in India. We can do all paper work to start a institute and infrastructure.need help from your side to get idea how and who to approach to start such a school. As we know that India is a growing market for education and fan base is growing in India now.

  10. requested sir and madam
    i am neplese student & nowdays i am working at edius 5. further more i want to learn animation cources or bachelor in animation. is this possible ? how can i get enough information (about college, fees structure, duration of course etc.) plz kindly provide all information in my mail id thanking you.

  11. I Love to study animation for MA in Japan.But the universities don’t answer my questions! what is the problem. They don’t answer English questions or there is another problem?Can you guide me more!

  12. I love to continue my education in Animation for M.A but universities don’t answer my questions! Do you Know what is the problem? They don’t answer English questions? or There is another problem?
    Could you guide me more ?

    1. Why don’t you have your letters translated into Japanese properly, i.e. so they are bilingual. Also ensure that your queries reach the correct department, and are addressed to the right people. Any organization that is as large as a university, will have emails invariably getting lost unless they go exactly where they are supposed to. I have had several similar experiences with UK Universities. A phone call or email to find out the correct address before properly writing in, or else, ask (and pay) for a proper prospectus, since the material would have the proper contact information. These days, most universities have all their material online as well.

      1. Thanks. I contact with contact email address . There is a few email address in their sites. And when I want to contact to professor they haven’t any email in sites.I contact many universities with English Language emails but most of them don’t answer! Do you know which universities have Animation for Master?That support Monbukagakusho scholarship? I see the site of many universities and email them about master program in animation They don’t answer me I find a few universities for master in animation!And Is in Japan another Scholarships like Monbukagakusho, That support student visa?
        Thanks a lot

  13. I’m in my senior year and I have been thinkin about if I should go to college right after or just wait but my concern is if I can afford it so I was wanting to know how much the tuition fee is without and without a scholarship because that is my main worry I really love drawing and creating my own little story entrys so I can try to design my own characters because I really want create my own anime shows and manga’s but I don’t know how to go about doing it and I realized that if I want to do any of this I will have to do it abroad because in the united states we don’t have anime or manga classes that we can take to become professional we just have regular graphic art and design colleges that don’t interest me so I was wondering if I would have to come there or could I do everything online and what would be everything that I would have to pay for.

  14. I would like to study anime in Japan. I have completed my 10 th grade and I have started to learn Japanese from a collage.

  15. I am looking for a collage for learning anime and manga . I am basically a foreign and i am from Pakistan. Can you tell me a collage in japan for manga which is best for foreign like me?

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