Geography resources on Japan

Recommended text  for students:

Japan : geographical perspectives on an island nation, ed. Noritaka Yagasaki, Teikoku-Shoin, 2002.10 ISBN: 4807151134 (elementary level gr. 5-6 level)

Teikoku’s COMPLETE ATLAS OF JAPAN  ISBN 978-4-8071-5727-3

Discovering JAPAN | A New Regional Geography ISBN 978-4-8071-5844-7 (for jr. high school students~) reviewed here and excerpted immediately below.

“Kanasaka Kiyonori, who supervised the production of this book which was originally published in Japanese, is Professor of Geography at Kyoto University. The Preface explains that the book was originally published “with the aim of helping junior high school students in Japan to understand their country within the context of globalization.” The English translation is intended “to help foreigners who are working, residing or studying in Japan” or visiting the country “to gain a more accurate and deeper understanding of Japan that is not distorted by ill-informed prejudice or exoticism.” The book is well produced and written without jargon” — Sir Hugh Cortazzi

Online web resources:

Japan (Encyclopedia of Nations webpage) General introduction to topographic features of Japan

Geography of Japan (Wikipedia)

*** Recommended: Japan’s Geography includes maps and various geography questions and exercises from the Contemporary Japan: A Teaching Workbook | © Columbia University, East Asian Curriculum Project

FAQ: Geography: Nature and Climate (Kids Web Japan) – Q&A way to learn about Japanese geography

Japan’s Geography and Climate | Interactive quizzes for ESL students

Japan-Geography a country study has good summaries for the characteristics of regions of Japan

Japan Geography From the Kidport reference library

Nature in Japan website

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