Hitokoe Yokohama International School website

Address: 112-6 Kashiwa-cho, Asahi-ku,

Yokohama 241-0835

Phone: 045-363-3356 Fax: 045-489-3130 Email: contact@hyis.org


From the school website:

Hitokoe means the voice of a person. At Hitokoe, the child’s voice is the significant voice that is heard.

Every child is unique with his or her own learning style, at Hitokoe, the children will discover their multitude of talents that will create masterpeices of their growth and learning. The new international school offers a strong early childhood program designed with each child’s learning needs in mind. It puts forward a multiage, child-centered and creative approach, fosters global awareness, and the child’s creativity and pride.

See a sample of a class schedule here.