Society for Promoting Intercultural Education for Children (SPIEC)

Website: http//

Foresight Building 901,3-5-2 Iwamotochou, Chiyoda-ku. Tokyo 101-0032

Phone: 03-3861-6208 03-3861-6171 Fax: 03-3861-6171 Email:

SPIEC searches for ways of peaceful coexistence for every living being on the earth, by making efforts to build up a world community beyond national borders.
SPIEC aims to develop primary and elementary school education to encourage children to grow as peacemakers. SPIEC collaborates with international colleagues to create an education, unique to each cultural and social background.
SPIEC provides the Japanese children with various intercultural experiences from a young age, which encourages their awareness to understand different cultures and peoples. This also helps them to be independent, responsible, and be articulate of his or her standpoint.

To apply or find details of the SPIEC camp, visit this link Application for SPIEC Camp(2002/06/09)

SPIEC presents various intercultural education programs, including annual educational forums, family camps, charity concerts, educational aid projects to support children of developing countries. Additionally, SPIEC provides classes, lectures, and counseling on a regular basis. To find details of the various programmes, meeting places, visit this page

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