English Terakoya (Hiroo, Tokyo)

ENGLISH TERAKOYA website: www.e-terakoya.info

Maison Douce Minami-Azabu no. 308
3-5-13 Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone:    03-3440-3361  

A kindergarten with all classes taught in English using creative and fun activities. Kindergarten schedule includes half-day, full-day or afternoon “Terakoya classes” Afterschool care available. The school also offers ALGO CLUB, cooking art, Japanese and Japanese culture classes, science, abacus and Indian style math. ALGO is a teaching system that has been developed in Japan. Its focus is on improving mathematical ability and logic through puzzles, games and math activities.

ENGLISH TERAKOYA also has a school in Futagotamagawa.

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