Curl up with Japanese picturebooks


Click on the above  Tabblo>  for recommended picturebook titles. The Kyushoku Bancho book features the Japanese “school luncheon” institution for the first time in a new light! Every first grader has to get to grips with the whole lunchtime group duties, setup and paraphernalia that come with kyushoku…the white cap and apron uniforms, the taking of turns to lead and serve, the lines, the clearing and cleaning up duties, etc, etc, etc. A hilarious take on waste not want not (mottainai) sensibilities with whimsical and slightly macabre depictions of the kyushoku institution. A big hit with yomikikase (readaloud) groups and with kids and parents alike.

A range of other titles, popular series as well as new books based on Fabre’s Insect Diary and other seasonal, nature and science titles are featured as well.

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