Page One International School (Funabashi city, Chiba)

Website: (in Japanese only)
Dentist academy 2-19-2 Okamoto building 3F, Maehara east, Funabashi city, Chiba 274-0824 (see access map here)
Phone: 047-471-3666

The school stresses internationalization, effective communication and holistic health of the child as the key goals of the education offered by the school. The school program offers arts, phonics, music, storytime, circle time, math, Japanese lessons, free play and outdoor time as components of its curriculum. Through free play, it aims to help children learn English in a natural way. Particularly unique in its program is the school’s “dental academy” that both provides role play for its children as well as dental care and education. Through its education, it is hoped to raise kids who are “strong-understanding-able and achieving-and kind”.  Another unique  feature are the organized riding lessons that are available as school events to the school’s children. The school operates in a family atmosphere emphasizing one-on-one individualized instruction and care. The school’s facilities are bright and lovely (see photos here).

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