Sophia University (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)

7-1 Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-8554
Phone: 03-3238-4018 Fax: 03-3238-3262 Email:
Today Sophia University is a major teaching and research university with 12,000 students, and teaching staff of 1,000 encompassing dozens of nationalities.
A  Sophia University has been a pioneer of international education in Japan for over half a century, with its Faculty of Liberal Arts (Kokusai kyoyo Gakubu) plays a core role. The broad interdisciplinary curriculum, centered on courses in the humanities, economics and business, and the social sciences, aims to enlarge students’ general knowledge while developing their critical thinking.
Sophia University was founded in 1913 by the Jesuits, a Catholic order renowned for excellence in education. From the beginning, the university founders stressed an internationally oriented curriculum and rigorous training in foreign languages.
The predecessor of the faculty, which was founded in 1949, was accredited as Japan’s first university-level program taught entirely in English by the Ministry of Education in 1974.
Advanced research and study is based in the numerous graduate programs and research institutes, supported by central and specialized libraries.
A wide range of courses on Japan enables students to understand present-day Japan and its traditions in a global context. For those who are not native Japanese speakers, comprehensive Japanese-language programs are offered.
The school also has a strong exchange program. Interactions with multinational fellow students and professors in this faculty establish a foundation for global citizenship.
Located in Tokyo’s Chiyoda district near the National Diet and Imperial Palace, Sophia is easily accessible by train and subway.

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