Active Learning Academy

ALA provides a 3rd party source from an accredited source of documentation of transcripts and a diploma. For high school age this is very important. Credits are issued according to State requirements allowing for graduation, a diploma, and college entrance. We are required by law to keep daily attendance, health and immunization, standardized testing records, and other documentation for and about your child. This is the foundation for a transcript.Parents assume the primary responsibility for the education of your children, but the homeschool becomes a satellite school, by contract with Active Learning Academy and an extension of the ALA campus. Parents are required to provide adult supervision for enrolled students during your chosen school hours; keep a record of attendance, daily activities, courses, grades etc.; turn in attendance, grades and all required records mentioned in the contract. Tuition cost: between $30 (3rd grade) – $120 (high school) annually. Tuition includes: Curriculum Discounts, A.L.A. Trivia Giveaways, Semi-monthly Newsletters, School Transfers, Attendance & Record Keeping, Cumulative Transcript, Student/Teacher Card. All other services, such as standardized testing, are on a fee schedule basis.

Alger Learning Center
Independence High School

A Washington State approved private school for K-12 homeschoolers that issues official high school diplomas and transcripts. Issues official high school diplomas and transcripts. Emphasises lifelong independent learning and encourages Unschooling. Features individualized learning programs based on each student’s learning gifts, learning differences, or both. The school says “students earn physical education credits by snowboarding, cross country skiing, kayaking, rock climbing, backpacking, or competitive sports…students earn fine arts credits by independent art or craft projects of their choice, such as wood carving, painting, playing a musical instrument, or art appreciation. Home economics and independent living credits are earned by preparing meals at home, and other home maintenance projects. For core classes, such as English, math, science, and history students use a wide variety of educational resources such as a local library, World Wide Web, new and used book stores, computer software, educational videos, apprenticeships with professionals, etc.” Alger Learning Center’s teachers and staff assist students and parents in identifying and defining learning goals, and design learning contracts to meet them, based on personal interests, background, and aptitudes. Services, from distance learning programs to homeschooling assistance, diagnostic testing and credit analysis, credit retrieval, and high school completion and adult education programs. Willing to work with public school districts, accept dual schoolers, and issue Washington State approved transcripts and high school diplomas. Not attendance-based, students may enroll at anytime. Tuition is $125 per month, plus a one-time enrollment/registration fee of $50, which includes diagnostic testing. No textbooks are provided. Staff will monitor the student’s progress. Students will submit their work, whether tests, reviews, responses to materials, or projects, for evaluation as part of the agreed goals of the learning contract. When terms of the learning contract have been met, the student is given a grade that is entered on an official transcript.

121 Alder Dr, Sedro Wooley, WA 98284 Phone: 1-800-595-2630

Calvert School *

Calvert School is a private Day School that has a branch offering homeschoolers its pre-K through grade 8 packaged curriculum. It also offers the option of homeschool support services and accreditation. This is an established private school and very trusted homeschool program, with a history of long use (100 years) by overseas missionary families in the past, due to its complete packages and ease of use.

CLASS homeschools (Christian Liberty Academy School System)

Choose from K-12 full service correspondence CLASS Program, or the CLASS program, Independent Services to evaluate your students and determining appropriate curriculum. CLASS is not accredited – its stated policy regarding accreditation is: Christian Liberty does not seek accreditation. Given the state of public education in America, our academy sincerely believes that it is responsible to promote education reform by setting a higher standard—to lead, rather than to follow the crowd. There are many different agencies all with different standards. Each school decides what it will accept and will not accept. Most schools accept our credits. Those who do not immediately accept our credits will do so after administering an achievement test, receiving information about our course requirements, and seeing the quality of the child’s education. The school board of the Christian Liberty Academy School System refuses to follow the standards of state licensed schools when such schools have proven themselves to be incapable of maintaining academic excellence.

502 W. Euclid Ave., Arlington Heights, IL 60004; Phone: 800 348-0899

Christa McAuliffe Academy*

CMA offers self-paced, mentor-assisted program (parent-directed at K level), as well as online distance learning classes and CDs and individualized instruction using computer courseware delivered over the internet. Grade 3-12 Internet Delivered Curriculum / Primary Program (K-2) / Grade K-2 CD Delivered Curriculum). Student success is measured by demonstrating competence in the various disciplines through mastery tests and a combination of written assessments and lab/practical learning activities. On-line Delivered Program (3-12). Computer-based lessons, record-keeping, virtual communications and realtime meetings are offered — note: for students in Japan time difference is a likely problem. Students are assigned mentors, all of whom are certified teachers in their local jurisdictions. Each student chooses a mentor and determines his/her own pace and style of learning but mastery of each lesson is required to progress. Approved as a private school every year since its inception in 1985 by the Washington State Board of Education. The on-site Challenger Lab is also accredited through the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges. CMA’s distance learning program is accredited through CITA (the Commission on International and Trans-regional Accreditation). This body is a new organization created as an outgrowth of the “Big Six” regional accrediting associations to address the unique needs of schools which operate nationwide and worldwide. CMA is listed in the ICSAC registry.

3601 W. Washington Ave, Yakima, WA 98903; 877-256-4213 Phone: 509-575-4989 FAX: 509-575-4976 Email

Crossroads Christian School

Crossroads is an international K-12 private school registered and fully recognized by the Florida Department of Education.  Crossroads Christian School offers an umbrella/satellite program to those who home-educate their children.  In order to provide a more affordable schooling option, we give parents the freedom to choose the best curriculum and teaching method for their children. Crossroads Christian School provides services to families throughout the United States and overseas.  Currently, the school has students in all fifty states** and thirteen countries overseas*.  For Florida residents, full legal coverage to all counties in the state is provided.

Laurel Springs Kindergarten – High School

Accredited online homeschooling resource and accredited curriculum for long distance learning for grades K-12. Parents may choose from “choice-based” experiential approach or project-based(literature plus hands-on approach), textbooks, or online, web-oriented, courses of independent study available. Courses meet the University of California’s a-f requirements. Offers mentoring with personalized attention of a private school but with the flexibility of a home school. Standard, customized, online, honors, and special-needs curricula, elective credit for travel, athletics, art, music, drama, research, etc. is possible, packages K-8, 9-12, Learn Online! complete K-12 program available. Fees for all-inclusive program includes enrollment, course materials and teacher services.

1002 E. Ojai Avenue, Ojai, CA 93024-1440 Phone: 800 377-5890

North Dakota Division of Independent Study*

The Division of Independent Study, a division of the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction, was established in 1935 by the North Dakota legislature. Supervised distance education courses that are free of time and place constraints are offered for students in elementary, middle and high school grades. The Division of Independent Study is accredited with commendation through the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction and is also regionally accredited through the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA). It is a high school diploma program and has 171 one-semester course offerings for grades 5-12; Offers online courses and has a resident staff of licensed instructors. Homeschooled students may apply to receive credit for independent work. Non-Dakota residents are also accepted. The costs of textbooks and course materials are stated in the course descriptions. It has both paper-based options as well as an online delivery options.

The Grace Academy

A Christian curriculum homeschool provider of multimedia interactive bibilical based courses and learning resource center for homeschoolers; and teacher-led academic support that includes grading and record keeping, customized homeschooling, unlimited live tutoring. Accredited by the National Private Schools Accreditation Alliance.

Hewitt’s Homeschool Resource

Hewitt’s provides K-12 programs but its most popular one is its high school service program in which it provides four evaluations a year, two hours of counseling time on our toll-free number, a transcript, and a diploma (once all requirements have been fulfilled). Evaluations include letter grades and narrative feedback, so you’ll get specific comments on your student’s strengths and weaknesses. Evaluations average 2 to 4 pages in length, depending on the number and type of classes. Its junior high school service program is a package including two evaluations a year, teacher counseling, PASS tests, and a Certificate of Completion with letter grades. Its Junior High (7-8) program prepares students for the high school years (9-12). Hewitts uses the PASS Test was developed specifically for home schoolers. It has certain similarities to other achievement tests in that it estimates student achievement in the subjects of reading, language, and math. But is has important differences in that the tests are standardized (can be compared with national and homeschool populations), untimed, administered at home and not necessarily by a certified teacher. Grades and transcripts from an external source are invaluable for college admissions. Hewitts has a reputation for all-rounded students and for its accommodation of dyslexic students.

Lighthouse Christian Academy

LCA is a full service homeschool academy that uses the A.C.E. Accelerated Education curriculum and offers services include that include: Experienced Academic Advisors; diagnostic testing; projected course of study; report card; enrollment verification; transcripts; End-of-Year Standardized Testing; High School Diploma; Graduation Ceremony. Accredited by CITA and SACS.

Royal Academy

A custom-designed program is ‘mapped out’ at the beginning of the year for the unique needs of K-12 students. All students receive an interview and consultation session during which a program is designed to fit the student. Textbooks and other learning materials are recommended from a wide variety of fine resources. Curriculum design also includes project learning, specially designed unit studies, independent study, field trips and community activities. Organizational goals and an estimated timeline is determined which allows the student to move at his/her own pace through the year. The program remains dynamic and flexible as progress is discussed and reviewed quarterly. In addition, high school seniors may graduate from Royal Academy upon successful completion of their program. Services include college and career counseling. Royal Academy is located in Gray, Maine and is recognized by the State of Maine Department of Education. Note: I could not obtain any info regarding accreditation by a regional accrediting agency.

Home Education & Family Services; P.O. Box Box 1056, 51 West Gray Rd, Gray, MA 04039 Phone: 207-657-2800

Trent Academy and Trent Schools

Trent lays claim to being the oldest and largest provider of Internet structured home school lessons in the world. Trent takes full advantage of the inexhaustible learning resources available on the Internet. Experiential education is the emphasis of all Trent curricula. There are no books to buy. Correspondence with Trent’s Online Teachers is done by e-mail and tests are done by computer. Trent students rely on Trent’s lesson links to the Internet. Trent maintains student records and makes grade transcripts available to schools, colleges, and universities. Trent will also as an option provide Online Teachers to assist students and at-home teachers in all aspects of teaching and learning.Trent lessons are logically integrated, week by week, year after year. Individual Gifted Child and Professional Child Programs available. Trent Academy Diploma offered by Examination and Evaluation.

West River Academy

West River Academy is a private school in California (with a location in Colorado) that provides Independent Study Program (K-12) leading to a high school diploma from an accredited private school. West River offers an umbrella school for those families who want maximum freedom and minimum oversight over their homeschooling program–no tedious documenting or coursework approval. Students submit a year-end report on their activities, studies and progress over the year and can receive official private school transcripts for grade promotion. The fee for a year in the High School Diploma Program is $250 and includes 6-month supervision of program, diploma and final high school transcript. Enrollment fee is additional. Other than the high school diploma program, enrollment of students is at $245 per year plus $50 and services include processing application, immunization records, keeping a file on the family including attendance records, sending a letter of confirmation of enrollement and reviewing year-end reports. Note: West River Academy has a history of working with Japanese students, and can provide consultations in Japanese.


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