High Tech Vocabulary Resource

High Tech Workplace Vocabulary, Middle School Students, and Dictionary Based Electronic Learning — A Community Interest Survey

PERSONAL BEST STUDY TOOLS. . . . As far as a practice run goes, your best source is “High Tech Workplace Vocabulary Empowerment for High School Freshmen — The Case for Dictionary Based Electronic Learning,” which you can access via www.ednews.org/articles/36200/1/ It contains a ranked-difficulty 375-word list of targets in the field of anatomy, more than enough to get a personal achievement study program started.You can also download www.thirdeducationgroup.org/review/resources/HighTech Dictionary.pdf (also htm). . . . This covers over 150 technical fields comprising over 40,000 technical terms.For actual dictionary-entry study, you can access http://www.dictionary.com, which opens with an electronic version of Random House Unabridged.Or you can get a free electronic state-of-the-art version for your school via http://www.wordgenius.com  (the Big Dictionary Project).
By way of a short closing pep talk, access www.ednews.org/articles/36812/1  “All You Need Is Love — An Open Letter to Arnold Schwarzenegger and His Fellow State Governors.”

Source: Ednews.org

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