Brain research, brain-training and brain-boosting article links:

Could Living in a Mentally Enriching Environment Change Your Genes? A recent study, however, published by neuroscientists Junko A. Arai, Shaomin Li and colleagues at Tufts University, shows that not only does the environment an animal is reared in have marked effects on its ability to learn and remember, but also that these effects are inherited. The study suggests that we are not the mere sum of our genes:

The New Math: Kids Can Add and Subtract without Arithmetic

Learn to Think Better: Tips from a Savant  The “savant” proposes a new theory of creativity, that creativity is the result of hyperconnectivity of the brain causing the convergence of highly unrelated or disconnected thoughts that results from the cross communication taking place in the brain. Also observes that imagination is more important than IQ and that language learning is good for the brain …: “Regardless of how exactly a person learns a second language, we do know for sure that it is very good for your brain. There is good evidence that language learning helps individuals to abstract information, focus attention, and may even help ward off age-related declines in mental performance”.

Six Ways to Boost Brainpower (Scientific American)

Toys that Teach, but Turn Parents into Big Brother  About toys from Leapfrog Technologies

Toddlers Beat the Great Apes at Social Learning

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