…and were allowed just one curriculum to bring with you on your leaky boat, what would that be? Do send in your suggestions in the comments section.

As my bitty offerings, it has come to my ears via the grapevine that there is one reliable self-study exam prep package (a Japanese one) that people swear by, there are people who say relying on it got them all the way past entrance exams into Tokyo University, and it is this self study guide and resource series below, available for key subjects like math, science, kokugo and social studies. Very good value for money since it covers all basics from elementary school through high school.


This math one in the series, for example, costs 2,200 yen (September, 2011) but is smaller than a phone directory though just as thick.

ISBN 4318007898 – Math (Sansu)
ISBN 4318007901 – Science (Ri-ka)
ISBN 4318007913 – Japanese (Kokugo)
ISBN 4318007883 – Social Studies (Shakai)