Tree House International School, Nagoya, Aichi prefecture

Website: (link down) Website

1F Rainbow Aoyagi Building 
Imaike Minami Chikusa Ward 
Nagoya , Aichi 464-0851,

The school Core Knowledge curriculum:  Through sequenced, individually focused, dynamic, and engaging personal education plans (PEP) the school seeks to encourage students to develop a life long love of learning and develop the academic and interpersonal skills needed to meet their future challenges with confidence and success. 

The Preschool Sequence is the result of a long process of research and critical review undertaken by the nonprofit Core Knowledge Foundation. The resulting Preschool Sequence represents a synthesis of exemplary practice and experience designed to provide your child with the solid foundation he or she will need for later learning in grade school and beyond. Internationally, the most successful educational systems teach a core of knowledge in the early grades. 
Only by explicitly specifying the competencies and knowledge that all children should share can we guarantee equal access to those competencies and knowledge. This background not only provides a foundation for later learning, but also makes up the common ground for communication in a diverse society.  Through experimentation and exploration we will show students the complexity and wonder of the world they live in, developing a love of inquisition and reason.  
The school is committed to providing a positive, co-educational, non-denominational, interfaith, internationally minded learning environment.  The school aims to foster a strong sense of family, community, and global awareness as well as self-esteem and self worth, not neglecting the value of faith and hope.

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