Waseda’s new Intl college

Waseda’s New Int’l College

The former president of a US college is moving to Japan to help Waseda University develop a US-style liberal arts college. Michael Mooney recently resigned as president of Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon in a cloud of scandal over an alleged unauthorised payment of over $10 million in college money to an oil technology company that later went bankrupt. Currently on a year’s sabbatical, he will be a visiting professor at Waseda and will help the school’s president open a new international college next April with a curriculum that focuses on contemporary global issues. The college will initially employ a faculty of 100 mostly Japanese professors, who will teach courses in English to a mix of Japanese and foreign students. The Japanese students will study abroad for one year at universities around the world, including Lewis & Clark and the University of Oregon. (September 16, 2003 ) http://www.eltnews.com/news/archives/2003_09.shtml

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